What can the bot do?

For a starter, the bot is fully based around therapy and supporting those with mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. At the moment, as a lot of people are in a lockdown, we're also here to help those who just want a quick chat. We understand that with how things are going right now, people are lonely because they can't go to visit friends or family. We're here to support anyone who needs someone to talk to and we promise to let you speak to us freely without any information being shared externally.
We can give advice on what to do in situations you could be stuck in and need help with. Our staff members are chosen not by how well they can act seriously, but how friendly they are and how good they are at keeping people calm and happy. If the staff member you contact seems rude or aggressive, feel free to report them to Holly#0696 with their staff name, but we can assure you that this won't be necessary.
Another main feature of the bot is taking care of pets. You can adopt a pet from the list of available animals, then you can name it and give it its own pronouns. After that's all done, you can take it on walks or train it, and after that you can feed and hydrate your pet using the XP you gained from exercising your pet. You can also use this XP to level your pet up.

What do you mean by "anonymously"?

If you make a make a chat with the staff team, none of your personal information is shared. Your username, tag, and everything else associated with your account is hidden from everyone, including the staff team themselves. All we'll know about you is the name and pronoun you decided once you started the chat.
Any logs that we keep are purely for research purposes and do not contain any of your personal information. Your security is our highest priority.

How can I help out?

The best and easiest way that you can help is by advertising the bot and adding it to server so we can reach the most people and help as many people as we can. With more people can accessing the bot, our staff can get busy helping everyone who comes for help. If you don't want to add the bot or advertise it, feel free to vote for the bot. It'll reach out to people in a different way, by promoting it to people looking for bots like it.
Another great way to support us is by applying to be a staff member. DM Holly#0696 on Discord and you'll be introduced into a normal conversation where we'll work out if you're right for our team. Experience is not needed. In our opinion, if you can do something, you shouldn't be held back by qualifications.

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